We’re experiencing an interesting trend reversal. For years the main goals have been money, success and power, but now more and more people are on a search for the essential life values, also at work.

Management and spirituality are still opposite concepts for most people, like oil and water. However, many people are becoming aware that money or richness themselves are not the main cause for the corruption of the human soul. Each one of us is responsible for their lives.

Once you understand that wealthy doesn’t mean happy, you give up everything to search for someghing really important, something unknown that needs to be acknowledged.

In fact, there are still people whose only goal is accumulating wealth and success, but also people who are embarking on a spiritual journey to search for something more than a mere material success.

I myself, first as a man, and then as manager and businessman, had started feeling a need for change in my daily behaviour, mainly cause by a discrepancy between what I felt and what I did. In my case, these symptoms would affect my health.

Dealing with other people is easy. Dealing with yourself is one of the hardest things ever. Once again, as it always happenS in my life key moments, I felt the urge to take a choice.

Time had come for me to work on my “spirit”. We all have one, bu we need to look for it in our deepest “I”. It is our hidden power, and it was high time for me to discover it!

Sooner or later, your spirituality wants to be acknowlegded, as much as, or even more than our material reality.

It is always the right time, ever too early nor too late. It is the right time because we’re sure that any experienced we’ve had so far has served the purpose to be ready Right Here, Right Now.

After that, you’ll feel ready to face a new journey, where, day by day, you’ll explore the deepest meanings of life with no fear but happiness and determination!

Get rich with spirituality! Andrea.

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Andrea Colombo

Success comes from within


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