If you don’t train, you’ll get stuck!


Home and work. You can fully live your life both on the workplace and at home, if you are able to really be yourself and if you do what you really like.
Happiness for people and communities lies in a deep Faith and a strong Motivation along with a clear target that can be pursuit with the best of the strategies and with an action focused on results, supported by strength and resilience.
5 steps to transform theory into practice:
Awareness: why do I do what I do? what is the goal of my life? what are the real values that help my well-being at home and at work? I have to be aware of my identity in relation to the Vision I want to reach.
Knowledge: the same road can be walked by a wanderer or a pilgrim. The wanderer has no destination, the pilgrim knows exactly where he’s going.
Preparation: If you don’t train, you’ll get stuck! This is the main activity to have all we need to meet our goals. What has taken us so far, it won’t necessarily help us to go further.
From decision into action: I can do it, I’ll do it. Always stand up and never give up. What do I want? What’s the price? Am I ready to pay the price?
Gratification: once you’ve reached your goal, a reward is the best proof of the love you feel for yourself. When your success (the progressive realization of the ideal of Value) is shared, it becomes gratitude.
The Plus, as Self-realization, is achieved when I do what I say and I say what I do, when words become alive and express reality.
Some people wander, some people follow, some people act, and then there are Leaders, those who lead other people. The more centred you are, the more you can lead with inspiration.
The intervention area is the overlapping of our contribution (first sphere), along with the contribution of the people nearby and whom we work with (second sphere). It determines our economical and social impact on the community we live in (third sphere).


We’re all, of course, good networkers. However, sometimes we give more than we get. To have a focused and organized networking, businessmen need a guide, a “map” to discover hidden treasures.
Many of them are still looking for a strategic, planned and focused way to find new clients. Not any client, but the one who meets their target. Matching customers help reducing company spending, help increasing the turnover and, as a whole, lead to better company results. The more a company is in a good state, the more their owners can enjoy life and be happy.
I’m an expert of Structured and Strategic Referral Marketing who can help you discover the huge potential which still lies hidden in your contact network.
It is the chance to move forward to:
  • observe your activity from distance and realize what aspects need improvement
  • create a system to acquire new customers
  • learn how to have a thriving activity
Each training program is structured to have a right interval among the structural parts to put into practice what has been learnt straight-away. Interaction with other participants is welcomed to create, sometimes, new referral partners.


Do you think it’s time to remove the obstacles that prevent your success?
Would you rather have a taylormade experience?
Many of my customers choose individual coaching to have all the attention they deserve. My individual coaching is taylormade on the opportunities of your activity. No Rent-a-Friend coaching here! As a professional referral coach I’m ready to turn your activities into a referral magnet.
If you want to experience Referrals For Life®, individual coaching, teaching programs in group or a combination of them, please contact me today to fix a date.
My advantages are the following:
  • improve your performance
  • a professional at your disposal to guide you to a higher level
  • a standing improvement with individual coaching
Increase your abilities and make the best of Structured and Strategic Referral Marketing’s tools.

Workshop Description

It’s a proven fact that businessmen whose contact networks are effective and efficient, and collaborate with the right people, take their business to a higher level and faster.
With Certified Referral Program, your personal and business qualities are managed in a way to motivate potential customers to choose you as their trust-giver. Your message becomes so clear as to activate your contact network and allure customers that perfectly meet your services spectrum.
A one-day seminar in which participants learn about a powerful yet easy referral process and actually leave with scheduled appointments. When was the last time you went to a seminar and walked away with business? We not only show sales people and business owners how to fill their sales pipeline, we also jump-start the process. On the day of training participants actually schedule appointments with qualified prospects. And it’s easy!
Room Full of Referrals® will help you discover how to leverage behavioral styles to make networking pay off in tangible business results for you. It will teach you how to quickly recognize the behavioral “style” of anyone. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to adapt your own communication style to quickly establish relations and trust with nearly anyone. This information will help you become a master networker.


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