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One of life’s wonder is meeting new people every day.

The number of contacts we develop in both our professional and private life is huge and seemingly endless. Based on how these contacts are managed, they may be lost in time or cleverly stored (see CRM systems). All these contacts are mainly the same until we decide to deepen our acquaintances starting thereby a relation process. It all starts by listening to ourselves; then we can really be attentive to someone else. Third step is dialogue, the more our ideals and values are aligned, the more interesting it becomes. If all goes well, we may start doing something together to improve each activity. It feels so good starting a partnership: everything seems easier as long as each one puts one’s knowledges and skills to a common service, the whole process speeds up and results are achieved earlier.

Fifth step is awareness, getting people together for a common goal to reach a common good.

Life is now full of significance and everything becomes meaningful, like a sort of revelation which lifts up and gives meaning to all our experiences and strives.

Nowadays, organizations we develop Referential Marketing with (BNI, Asentiv and Business Vocies – to learn more please Read here), are focused on young people, tomorrow’s businessmen/businesswomen. We serve as an inspiration with our experience, example and shining light and enlightened business leaders.

“For inspiration to become really effective and wide, the individual must express his/her own value through the Talent. Therefore, freedom in the creative process is needed”.

One of the successful factors among the 5 elements for tomorrow’s successful Business leaders is the quality of their relations network, which, as previously told, doesn’t mean having contacts but developing through them an important relationship for ourselves, our families, workers, suppliers, customers and partners in general.  We’re on the way to do good all together, helping this world to become a better place.

“Happiness in everyone of us will not decrease by being shared. On the contrary, it will receive the fuel needed to feed our relations”.


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Andrea Colombo

Success comes from within


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