About me


Developing Relations, where people are the focus of their lives as catalysts of their activity by means of Referral Marketing. In this way, they can work with a strategic and structured by-word based on trust to build valuable contacts and quality business. The goal is a community where efficient professionals and businessmen share the same ethical business of collaboration.


Give everybody the chance to get the best of their lives, both personally and professionally, through and awareness process of themselves and their values. Extraordinary thus becomes ordinary. If people are happier, richer in knowledge and self-aware, society improves and future generations will inherit a better world.
I believe that we all have the potential needed to make our life meaningful. Sometimes, all it takes is a little push or finding someone who understands our potential and shows us how to fully develop it. As a trainer, one of my most important tasks is to spend time organizing free guidance sessions at high schools, universities and libraries, where young people can understand their potential and the new job opportunities.
I underwent a personal change over the years due to my passion for human potential development. Many questions triggered this growth: Who am I? What’s the goal of my life? How can I find a spirituality that makes me feel good with myself and the people around me?
Three questions I share in my book “Qui e Ora” (Right Here, Right Now), where I wish to show the way to follow to grow with motivation and energy. It’s not only about mental training, but it also focuses on physical training, nutrition and spirituality.
These energy and passion are the same I try to share with professionals and businessmen when working as Trainer and Coach of Asentiv – Referral Institute, to develop successful Structured and Strategic Referral Marketing within their organizations. A positive, proactive and propulsive attitude, along with a strong focus and perseverance led me to be a professional managing figure in multinational companies and to found more than ten companies in different fields, both in Italy and abroad.
In my career I lived up to many goals: for example, I was awarded as the youngest Corporate Manager for the province of Varese by Federmanager in 2001. 2008 I also won the TOYP prize for Business (The Outstanding Young Person) Varese issued by the JCI (The Outstanding Young Person) world organization. I question myself everyday and work to improve following the “Givers Gain” philosophy, which is the distinctive feature of my role as Executive Director in BNI (Business Network International). Working with other people, creating new relationships and consolidating the old ones is fundamental to understand oneself and the people around. When what we do is beneficial for ourselves and for our collaborators and when we make something good for our community, then we can be sure our road is the right one, the one I call “The Road for Good”.
My guiding questions are the following:
If not me, who else? If not now, when? And, when I face troubles I ask myself: How can I do it?
How would the world be if everyone acted like me?
If you want to know me better
Andrea Colombo